Pick Your Favorite Appetizer


Chicken Spring Roll

PKRs 350.00

Spring rolls, stuffed with shredded chicken that is flavored with soya sauce and fried

Fish Cracker

PKRs 250.00

Yummy Crunchy

Fried Wings

PKRs 350.00

Tossed in a breading consisting of bread crumbs, corn flakes, cornmeal, and spices to give you a delicious bite

Chicken Nuggets

PKRs 325.00

Loved by the kids and all ages

French Fries

PKRs 200.00

Fresh Potato , Yummy Delight

Garlic Bread

PKRs 200.00

Hot, cheesy, garlic deliciousness.

Spicy Chilli Wings

PKRs 370.00

Simply finger lickin' good!

Honey Wings

PKRs 410.00

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings Coated with Honey and Spice